What are my supervisors saying about me?


"It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Camille for an administration position in your (organization). I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Camille for numerous years. Over that time, I developed a tremendous amount of respect for teaching ability. As an administrator, I have had the opportunity to observe Ms. Camille; I am convinced she is one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure to work with. 

Ms. Camille is a perfectionist and strives for excellence in all personnel and professional endeavors. She has a unique ability to instill those characteristics into her students. Ms. Carroll took the initiative to bring back our computer graphics program. She does a great job building relationships with her students and to think outside the box. She creates a student-centered classroom environment where they can take ownership of their own learning. Her lessons contain real-world connections to allow the students to apply the concepts outside the classroom. She even looks for opportunities for her students outside the classroom, including a great experience with Coolfire Studios. In my role as Principal, I have observed Ms. Camille numerous times in the classroom. She is a natural teacher, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and her students enjoy her classes and teaching style. She has excellent classroom management skills and is able to manage students in a respectful and effective manner. Her content knowledge is impeccable, and she works hard every day to ensure her students are learning the curriculum to the highest levels possible.

Ms. Camille is an excellent candidate for an administrative position in any (organization). Her strong understanding of the educational process and demand for excellence in all endeavors make it my pleasure to recommend her. I can say without reservation that Ms. Camille is one of our very best educators. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (building Principal)."


"I am glad to heartily recommend her. I am confident that she will serve effectively in this role that she is seeking.

As the pastor of (...a) Church, I have known Camille since she started faithfully attending our congregation in February 2022. In my visits with her, I have learned of her strong work ethic, enterprising nature, creative approach to challenges, and passion to serve those in need."


"I have known Ms. Camille since the start of the 2019-2020 school year. During this time, she completed her administrative internship with me. 

Ms. Camille has been a tremendous asset to the education of her students. Her lessons are well-planned and executed. She designs her instruction around the needs of individual students, adapting her lesson plans during the planning stages and while she is teaching if she sees the need for modification. Using data, she has been able to analyze what her students need in terms of support and when they need to be pushed to reach greater success.

Ms. Camille furthers the education of her students by building relationships with them, their parents, and fellow staff members. She collaborates with her team, as well as with other teams in the building, to create a learning environment that is best suited for her students.  

Please give Ms. Camille consideration for the position in your (Organization). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for additional information (building Principal)."


"I have known Camille for five years and have learned that she is committed to providing the highest quality of education to all of her students. She is caring, approachable, dedicated to student growth, and committed to making the learning environment an inviting and stable atmosphere. I can say with confidence that she will be a welcomed addition to any (Organization).

As an Administrator, I have had the pleasure of working with Camille often as her supervisor. I have observed her classroom on numerous occasions. She is knowledgeable about content and always aligned with district standards. Her students are engaged with learning and often work together. Camille is an active teacher in her room as well. She is dedicated and moves about checking on students for understanding, giving assistance and immediate feedback. She is prepared, organized, and intentional in her teaching and delivery.

Camille creates a positive learning environment. I am certain she will bring positivity and enthusiasm to (her next position). She is dedicated to the growth of the learners as well as her professional growth as an educator.

Camille is an excellent candidate for the position of (administrator). Her leadership characteristics, strong understanding of our school community, and her high expectations of her students make it my pleasure to recommend her for your (Organization).

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me (Assistant Principal)."


"Ms. Camille is a bright, creative, and driven educator who encompasses kindness and is of solid moral character. 

I have had the pleasure of working side by side with Camille on multiple occasions (in her current position), and I can fully account for her hardworking nature and creativity in the classroom. However, her diligence isn’t just in education but in her extracurricular guidance (coaching) as well. 

I have no doubt that Camille would bring pride, focused energy, and insight to (your) team, and that her contributions would also inspire those around her as well. Please consider her seriously for the position, as I am certain she would  fit well within your (organization)." -District Interpreter and Youth Minister. 


"I have known Camille for several years and have served as the Instructional Coach for her Fine Arts department. Camille has built a strong reputation as a highly caring, highly knowledgeable educator who is a definite asset to our staff.

In my role as Instructional Coach, I have had the opportunity to observe Camille teaching many times. Her content knowledge is impeccable, and her lesson planning is creative and conscientious. She is able to couple her high behavioral and academic expectations with a support system that consistently facilitates student engagement and achievement. When I ask her students what they are learning, they are consistently able to articulate the learning targets and provide evidence of their achievement. In addition to her teaching, Camille has been heavily involved in many activities during her tenure here. She has served as our students’ Swim Coach, volunteering many hours outside of the regular school day to support our athletes. She is a member of Central High’s Professional Development committee and is an HNEA representative for our school as well. She is a definite teacher leader in her department, sharing instructional strategies and assessment techniques that promote student growth and achievement. I am certain that Camille would be a strong candidate for (District). She brings a wealth of instructional expertise and exemplary character to the table. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me (Instructional Coach)."


""I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Camille, serving as her supervising administrator for the past two years. She is very student centered, caring, fair, communicative, and collaborative.

She has worked very well with the art department in reviewing the curriculum and updating delivery systems. Ms. Camille creates and maintains a warm and genuine rapport with students and parents. Ms. Camille continues developing as a leader as she has continued to make progress in her Master’s Program. She has remained coachable, open-minded, and eager to learn various aspects of teaching and school leadership. I recommend her for consideration for (the)

position in your (Organization). She would be an excellent addition to your team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your leisure (Assistant Principal)."


"I have worked with Ms. Camille over the past year, and she consistently demonstrates a student-centered approach to everything she does. 

As a Special Education Para-Professional in a high school setting, Camille goes above and beyond her regular duties. Camille helps to modify and adapt lessons appropriately for each of her students. Furthermore, we have collaborated on analyzing assessments to help further her drive instructional practices. She then shared the assessment analyses with her students so that they have an understanding of where they currently are and can support them with goal setting for the future. 

Camille has built an excellent rapport with her students. When she encounters a difficult situation with a student, Camille remains calm and uses the student’s coping strategies to guide them through the crisis. Recently, Camille was given the opportunity to work with one of our more challenging students. Not only did she show enthusiasm about the opportunity, but she took it upon herself to continue to familiarize herself with the student’s case and researched appropriate strategies for working with the student’s disability. 

Camille has used her skills as an art teacher to incorporate various forms of art into our curriculum. Additionally, she has taught her colleagues and myself ways to use art as a coping mechanism for our students. Camille has high expectations for herself and the students she educates. She is a life-long learner and is able to implement and share the knowledge she acquires. As a result, she is a strong teacher and advocate for students.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions." 

-Special Education Teacher.


"I served as her consultant teacher for two full semesters (2014-2015).  During this time, we worked together to develop her skills in planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professional responsibilities.  The planning process included extensive observations, weekly consultation conferences, evaluations, and professional development.  Ms. Camille was an active participant, sought out pedagogical skills, and was receptive to advice, suggestions, and strategies to support student success.

Over the course of our close collaborative work together, I got to know not only Ms. Camille's work but also her personality very well.  She approaches her work with sincerity, integrity, and a belief that art provides a meaningful voice to each and every student.  She creates activities that teach the components of art history, art technic, analysis, mathematical proportions, and personal expression.  She is a reflective educator who strives to improve her students’ experiences.  She is a team player who supports her peers and the goals and mission of her building.  

Any school would benefit from having such a dedicated, intelligent, motivated, and skilled educator on their team.  Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions." 

-Consultant Teacher (Supervisor)

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